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"The best thing about working for myself is the freedom to do what I love. the worst thing was all of the time wasted on administration before I found Contractor Unlimited" (Andy - I.T Consultant)

We form and administer the perfect business for you to enable you to do the work that you do best. By establishing what works for YOU (not for us) we make sure your business does what it is supposed to with minimum hassle.


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Everything we do, from our Hassle free switch process, your Annual Process Review meetings to selling your business is designed for your benefit – not just the tax man’s’

Auto enrolment: 

Most of our clients are small businesses.  They are now starting to need to comply with Auto Enrolment requirements at an increasing rate.  Over recent months we have considered our approach carefully and reached two conclusions:

1. We believe that the duty of care owed by an employer to an employee is such that all schemes require advice to insure a compliant set-up and ongoing compliance.  To this end we have teamed up with a leading financial adviser who delivers guaranteed financial advice and

2. Unless the employees are told what this means to them they will not value it and may end up having grounds to complain.  Unless a little time is taken to explain the value to the employee this is nothing more than another tax.  If you go as far as complying, an employer may as well underline the value of the scheme to his team.


New article:

An article has been published in collaboration with a new business startup magazine looking at what's important to new businesses.  We liked what the author drew from our discussions so thought it was worthwhile posting on our website:



Persons of Significant Control (PSC) legislation: 

Every Company now has a duty to maintain a record of any 'Persons of Significant Control'. This usually means Directors or shareholders holding more than 25% of ordinary voting shares.  Failure to comply is a criminal offence.  We have of late seen three approaches from ignore to fully complete.  The most worrying is an entry of 'No PSC' to ensure a quick avoidance of the criminal offence without having to do the work of maintaining the records (maybe until the confirmation statement is due).  

No 'PSC' in place worries me as this would be the classic badge of a tax avoidance scheme.  Not a list most of us would like to see ourselves on.


We are currently working with the following clients:

  • A new client with three companies that needs them properly structuring (no succession planning or group planning)
  • Advice to two companies who need to arrange protection packages for their directors alongside pension contributions
  • Clients with Advance Payment Notices (APN's)
  • A variety of medical professionals and locums
  • IT Professionals
  • Restructuring a medical practice to maximise profits
  • A firm of Financial Advisers on structuring business/director protection packages


This week's case study:


This week and last we have been bringing on board four existing business who had outgrown their existing accountants and wanted business advice as well as quality bookkeeping.  Timing this can be challenging but we do it a lot at the moment.  An interesting case we are working on involves a business that has retained profits and wants to extract them.  We are going to introduce them to our Financial Adviser who will discuss the benefits of pension contributions ahead of the budget (where there may well be the removal of higher rate tax relief - although no idea how this would work even if it happens). 

We are starting work on a proposal for a client who has managed to run up a staggering VAT bill.  Our job is to assist in their negotiations with HMRC to minimise any fines they may incur - hasten to add they were not our client, they did their own books and returns!  The proposal alone took a couple of days as there are so many uncertainties.


After the January rush we have this week been working with two contractors to organise their finances outside of the business.  Just arranging things so they work better takes time but saves the client money and tax.  We work closely with a Financial Adviser who advises businesses and their owners on protecting their income as efficiently as possible.  Our part is preparing management accounts and notes on the Directors so the package designed is fit for purpose.  We have been told the clients are likely to be advised (although outside of our control because it is a regulated activity) to lower their tax bill significantly by (i) making a pension contribution (ii) moving life insurance and critical illness cover within the business (iii) insuring their income in the event of long term sickness. Helping the owners to get far more out of their business.

Next week we move on to (i) a client who has accumulated significant deferred profits within their business and (ii) helping five brand new clients to contracting to understand what's going on - removing the fear!