Self-Assessment Tax Returns (SATR)

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Self-Assesment tax returns need to be done by the 31st  January every year for the previous tax year.  At the latest.  So that’s the January after the April 5th Tax Year ends.

This date isn’t a target – you can send us the information any time from April 5th. We are really grateful to those clients who do.

We send a questionnaire.  You fill it in and send it back. We then generate the return and send it to you electronically for approval. We then submit it and you pay the tax.

There are a couple of payments due every six months based on last year’s income.  If your income has gone down, let us know within the year and we can have these payments reduced.

The most important thing though is to take it seriously. Those fines really stack up.

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We help growing, successful businesses to enjoy total certainty and clarity in their finances without any accounting headaches, guesswork, or nasty surprises from HMRC.

Our Services


In short we do it all. We have an Umbrella Company if you happen to work for an agency.  We offer payroll to our clients.


The world is changing, but most heavy lifting in an accountancy practice is still done by the Bookkeepers.

Real World Experience

The problems most growing successful businesses experience are not often the obvious ones. You open your business and write a plan. Then comes the real world and ruins it for you.


A lot of Accountancy is set up around compliance. Telling HMRC what they need to know on time and paying your tax.

Online Portal

We use them, they are great. In fact some kind of software is now almost unavoidable. Making Tax Digital makes this true.

Month Nine Review

While I am chucking rocks at established accounting practices that just don’t work for small businesses, monthly management accounts are a waste of time.  Until you get big enough to use them.

Our Values

We ensure our calculations are as accurate as possible. We pride our self on the ability of our team and our accountants. You can trust that the figures we provide are correct.

We will always go the extra mile to ensure we meet and exceed your needs. Deadline approaching? Don’t worry – we have it covered. Unexpected letter from the revenue? Don’t worry – we have it covered.

Not everything in business can be solved by a spread sheet, we have the ability to open up doors to solutions whatever your needs are. We ensure we are connected and your business is connected.

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