The nightmare of bad payers

I don’t know about you, but for me slow payers are a nightmare. It just doesn’t seem fair, especially when the more money you have to spend getting a job out of the door, the bigger this problem [...]

Treasury replaces tax return fines with points-type system

The Treasury will soon replace the current £100 fine for the late filing of self assessment tax returns with penalty points similar to the penalty system currently in place for UK driving license [...]

Self-employed hit by national insurance hike in budget

Self-employed people in the UK will soon experience less tax advantages following major changes in the budget. The decision reverses a Conservative party pledge made back in 2015 with Philip [...]

The UK Might Scrap Cap on Bankers’ Bonuses EU Rule after Brexit

The EU rule that places a cap on bankers’ bonuses might, in the long run, get scrapped after the Brexit. This is according to Mark Carney, the Bank of England governor in his most recent [...]